The sticking point

If you’re a preaching minister, you’ll want to read Brian Mashburn’s post on his blog on Wednesday of last week (Oct. 5) entitled Scholarship, Lectureship, or Relationship. If you’re a member, you need to read this piece to understand your ministers a bit better and to aid you in your prayers for them. Brian bullseyed one of ministry’s greatest conundrums that every preacher faces every day and yet, is a struggle most members never realize is taking place in their minister’s heart.

And what is it? Namely this – how do you relate God’s word to people if you’re not majoring in that word and yet, how do you to relate people to the word if you’re not majoring in people? There’s a struggle for balance and priority here; a constant tug of war. A minister can be very accessible and people-oriented, yet have little to say to them that’s truly from God. A minister can also stay so squirreled away with the word in preparing to having something truly from God to say to people that he can’t be heard by those same people when he trys to share with them because he has no strong relationship bonds them. What’s a minister to do? Can there be a working balance and if so, how do you get there? Precious few ministers will even talk about this matter openly in the presence of members (for fear of being misunderstood, for one reason), but Brian wrote about it for all to see.

Thanks, Chad, for pointing this piece out to me. Brian preaches with the Southwest Church of Christ in Amarillo, TX. This is definitely required reading; simply outstanding.