Why Katrina?

Where was/is God in connection with Hurricance Katrina?

That’s a good question; it’s a question of theodicy. Many different answers have been offered – everything from God was AWOL to God deliberately sent Katrina to punish sin in New Orleans (neither of which extremes, incidentally, are anywhere near Biblical in perspective).

I believe the book of Job says it best. There are simply some things about God, this world, life and death that will be forever mysterious and unanswerable in our minds, but with continued faith in God, come what may, we find our walk in life as it was meant to be, with God.

Having said that, I believe Tony Campolo’s perspective is close to truth, if there is an answer to walk with. They may be a bit surprising to some at times, but Campolo’s thoughts are always well worth reading and considering.

If you’d like to wrestle more fully with this whole subject of theodicy, aside from the book of Job, nothing has been more personally helpful than Leslie Weatherhead’s classic work The Will of God.