Dr. Willis

Hands down my favorite prof back in college was Dr. Willis. It didn’t matter what he taught, if I had a chance to take one of his courses, I took it. I don’t think there’s anyone who gets into the word more deeply, applies it more simply and lives it more personally than John Willis. Period. Now if you’re just looking for a patchwork quilt of opinions and emotions, his blog isn’t for you. But if you’re interested in what God’s word really says and how it applies to you, this is definitely your spot. Check out his blog and read his series entitled God’s People, a posting that began on Aug. 23, for a great sample.

Oh, and he’s been spending most his time in the Psalms of late (check the archives), so if you’re in the Wednesday night auditorium class I’m teaching on the Psalms of complaint/lament, his previous posts make a great resource to suppplement your study. Enjoy!