As you know, half of the funds MoSt Church will send for Hurricane Katrina relief (both from our treasury and from the special collection taken on Sun., Sept. 18), will go to Lifeline Chaplaincy / Houston and half will go to the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort (CCDRE) in Nashville, TN. Many of you are already familiar with Lifeline Chaplaincy, but I suspect relatively few of you are familiar with CCDR. The following will inform you of CCDRE’s great work with Katrina (as well as earlier efforts) and help you appreciate just exactly what it is they do.

How their efforts work

The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort effort immediately responds to any major disaster in the continental United States by sending truckloads of emergency food, water, cleaning, and other supplies to disaster victims. They are a non-profit corporation, tax-exempt – state taxes and federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3). Only eleven employees are paid in the entire organization. Unpaid volunteers are the secret to success of our organization.


Volunteers are the heart of CCDRE. The executive director and members of the board of directors and advisory board are all volunteers and receive no compensation. CCDRE also has volunteers working daily sorting and pre-packing relief supplies. When they load a truck, it is not unusual to see 300 volunteers show up to help!

Who supports them?

CCDRE is voluntarily supported by Churches of Christ, individuals, churches, corporations, and other non-profit agencies nationwide. Something on the order of over 1,000 congregations in nearly 40 states and over 2,600 individuals or families from nearly 40 states support CCDRE financially. In addition, nearly 40 leading corporations from across the country donate substantial amounts of product.

Who gets help?

Strict guidelines apply to each type of disaster:

The advance team goes immediately to survey the situation.

The advance team aids in setting up distribution centers in disaster areas.

The advance team follows up to see that all areas are covered.

All cases are checked out.

Anyone at the site can receive assistance regardless of race, color, or creed.

Distribution of supplies

The CCDRE only works through the local Church of Christ in the community or town where the disaster has occurred. If there is no Church of Christ in the town, Disaster Relief will contact the nearest town that has a Church of Christ and ask for help. Supplies will be distributed by this congregation “in the name of the Lord” to anyone who has been affected by the disaster regardless of race, color, creed, or religion.

CCDRE is cost effective

More than 85% of every dollar donated to CCDRE goes directly to disaster victims (86.82% to be exact). Expenses such as salaries, utilities, supplies, maintenance, depreciation, truck rentals, etc. amounted to only 13.18%. CCDRE is rightfully proud of this remarkable record and acknowledges that without their many volunteers this could not be possible.

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, Inc.
410 Allied Drive ~ Nashville, TN 37211
(800) 541-2841