Katrina: MoSt Church’s giving

“What is MoSt Church going to do as a congregation re: Hurricane Katrina flood relief?”

Our shepherds have been considering that question since Katrina hit. After due time for prayer and planning, investigation and discussion, I am proud to say that this is their plan for us as they lead us in the ways of the Lord . . .

Twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) will soon be disbursed from our church treasury. Half of those funds ($10,000) will be given to Lifeline Chaplaincy in Houston to assist them as they minister directly to people seriously injured or ill (and their families) who were evacuated to the Texas Medical Center from the affected areas in Louisiana and Mississippi. Their ministry profile speaks for itself. Many of you here at MoSt Church know Virgil Fry, Lifeline’s executive director and many of you who have been a patient at one time or another in one of the Texas Medical Center’s hospitals have been ministered to by Lifeline and can give testimony to the blessings of their service.

The other half of those funds will be sent to the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief ministry (CCDR) in Nashville, TN as they minister directly to people in the affected areas. This is a unique ministry among Churches of Christ – there is simply no one else among Churches of Christ quite so well equipped and specialized for disaster relief ministry as CCDR. You can read more about the history of CCDR and how they work right here. CCDR has already dispatched five eighteen wheelers packed full of relief supplies to the following five churches / cities: (1) the South Baton Rouge Church of Christ in Baton Rouge, LA, (2) the Siwell Road Church of Christ in Jackson, MS, (3) the Park Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, LA, (4) the Dewey St. Church of Christ in Hattiesburg, MS and (5) the Church of Christ in Lafayette, LA.

On Sun., Sept. 18, MoSt Church will take up a special collection (on top of our regular, weekly contribution) during the morning worship assembly. All the funds collected from this special contribution will be divided equally between Lifeline Chaplaincy and Churches of Christ Disaster Relief. Make your checks payable to the Missouri Street Church of Christ and make certain you write “Hurricane Katrina Relief” in the note section of your check. Of course, if you’d like to contribute now and not wait until the 18th, you can mail a check to the church office (P.O. Box 4295 – Baytown, TX – 77522) anytime.

You may recall that this figure – $20,000 from the church treasury – is the same amount that was given in January of this year for relief work and ministry among those affected by the devestating tsunami in Thailand. On January 16 a special contribution was taken among us with the result of $11,000 more gathered in and distributed for that good work. An amazing summation of the work that was accomplished on the far side of the globe with your generosity then (and that of other Churches of Christ) was published on the back page of our most recent mailout bulletin. God is good and it is good to be a part of his people!

Speaking for myself now, I would like to see this church family of ours double the amount it gave for tsunami relief in the upcoming special collection ($11,000 x 2). I believe this is a very doable goal, but come what may, may we all prayerfully consider what we can do and do whatever we can in the name of Jesus Christ and for the glory of his name. Amen!