Houston area CofC relief efforts

The following list is nowhere near comprehensive, but it is a sampling of some of the current Katrina relief efforts going on among some of the Churches of Christ in the greater Houston area. Many thanks to John Lee, minister the Hidden Valley Church of Christ for this information (minutes from a meeting Friday night at the Impact Houston Church of Christ.

Bammel Church of Christ
– funneling all money and food to Impact Houston Church of Christ.

Champions Church of Christ – providing some relief and taking up a special contribution today.

Clear Lake Church of Christ – providing basic needs, motel rooms, etc. Accepting food and monetary donations.

First Colony Church of Christ – taking a special collection today and supporting the efforts of Second Mile Ministry in Stafford.

Hidden Valley Church of Christ – providing meals and employment assistance.

Impact Church of Christ – serving as a major collection and distribution point; trying to centralize as much information as possible; planning trips in the future to go work where and help rebuild in places destroyed by Katrina.

Lake Houston Church of Christ – donating to Impact; serving as a distribution drop off point for small donations; considering special collections; feeding hotel occupants in their area today

Lifeline Chaplaincy – serving additional patients; providing them with five days housing, parking, meals and gift cards. Contact Lifeline Chaplaincy (Compassionate Touch). Accepting donations.

Memorial Church of Christ – in the process of becoming a shelter with an occupancy of 106. Meals are being served.

Southeast Church of Christ – helping people locate missing family members.

SouthwestCentral Churchof Christ – has a website set up specifically for Katrina efforts; accepting monetary donations and has a database of where the resources are; has connection with medical personnel at Reliant Stadium

Spring Woodlands Church of Christ
– served Sat. dinner to motel occupants; taking up a special collection today; working with Montgomery County churches to adopt a hotel and coordinate efforts.

Trinity Gardens Church of Christ – secured five nearby apartments (at $500 a month including utilities); looking for other churches to help sponsor this endeavor.

West Houston Church of Christ – donating to Impact and assisting a shelter in Katy.