Housing Katrina evacuees

Shelters are good and the Astrodome is mighty handy, but many individuals have rooms, apartments, etc. they are willing to offer Katrina evacuees. To those offering such we must say – exercise due caution along with your extended hand of compassion. The problem for those on the receiving end, of course, is how to learn about extended hands of care. With those two things in mind, consider the following three sites . . .

If you are offering housing, you should register with the National Emergency Resource Registry. The National Emergency Resource Registry is a database used by emergency response personnel to locate services/materials being offered. They will contact you if your offer is needed/accepted.

Homes for Katrina is the name of a brand new website whose stated purpose is to” find safe temporary housing for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina, connect local organizations trying to help these efforts and protect those that need or offer help. Talk about a site whose time has come! Read more about Homes for Katrina in an article on MSNBC.

You should also know about the CraigList’s collection of links. Many postings have been made regarding free housing / free services for Katrina evacuees, but, bear in mind these are posted without the screening process of either of the former entries noted here. Surf the CraigList and see some of the postings at:


Particularly poignant is the community bulletin board on the CraigList that records the posts of people searching for loved ones/family still missing in the wake of Katrina’s destruction.