Getting out of the way of Katrina

Are you one of the many Louisiana residents trying to get out of the path Hurricane Katrina? If so, be advised that the Civic Center here in Baytown has been designated as a Red Cross Shelter. Baytown is the extreme east edge of the greater Houston area.

And whether or not you’re on the move away from Katrina’s path, you’ll probably find the following links helpful. The National Hurricane Center will keep you well informed as to the latest and the greatest on Hurricane Katrina – or any other hurricane, anywhere, for that matter. Be sure and check out the “Strike Probabilities chart” for Katrina while you’re there.

You can see Katrina‘s track (past and predicted future) on the Naval Research Lab / Monterrey’s website. If you’re not familiar with this site, you should be. Dr. Jeff Master’s blog on the WeatherUnderground site is good reading if you want still more details about Katrina. While you’re there, do check out his “Wunder Photos” section for a gallery of amazing pics of all things weather-related.

You can always view quality satellite photos of “natural hazards” anywhere in the world, not just in this hemisphere, on NASA’s Earth Observatory website. Of course, Accuweather and should be standard bookmarks in your browser’s “favorites” list if you’re a weather bug. You’ll find solid advice as to how to prepare for a hurricane at both Accuweather and